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How CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips Influence Your Health

For over 3,000 years, the Chinese have developed the art of promoting an inner energy flow that was considered the basis of healing. Physical disease was thought to have an origin of stagnated energy. Once this “blockage” of energy was dispersed and a greater flow of energy stimulated, symptoms of illness would normalize. These energy flows run throughout the body on pathways called “meridians,” mapped out from traditional Chinese medical texts and named after different organs and body systems. Along the meridians, various concentrations of energy, known as “points,”can be stimulated through massage, needle or heat application to promote well-being. There have been many applications of palm energy, mineral and gem placement and most recently, electrical stimulation on specific acupuncture points to influence the human energy field. A common example of energy flow can be seen in a garden hose. The water freely flows until a kink occurs in the hose. This slows the flow down to a trickle. This juncture is where the blockage of water is occurring. If we straighten the kink (compared to stimulating an acupuncture point along a stagnant meridian) the strength of the flow is restored. Our CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips™ influence key points to create the desired effect.

Acupuncture points are simple to understand, because there’s almost a natural connection in how we instinctively treat them. For instance, there's a Bladder #1 point that is bi-lateral and exists on both sides of the bridge of the nose. Stimulation of these points energize this very long energy pathway that begins at the nose bridge and continues down to the small toe, so it runs through the entire body. If you think about it, when you’re tired you instinctively rub these points, and that energizes that meridian. Same for the Lung #1 point located between the first intercostals space of the ribs about two inches from the area where the armpit is joined to the body.

CieAura uses Harmonic FM™ technology which has developed a distinctive and proprietary method of programming multi-layered Transparent Chips™, with VibraTec,™ an exclusive patent-pending technology that infuses intrinsic energies into the Chips for the purpose of influencing the human energy field. Once applied, the body’s energy field triggers the release of these stored energies. The infusion process results in a non-transdermal chip. Nothing enters into the body. Transparent Holographic Chips are a unique and safe way to adjust and balance our body’s inner energy flow.

It is often misconstrued that frequencies and vibrations are the basis for the CieAura Chip design. To clarify: Harmonic FM is the developer and manufacturer of the CieAura Chip and Harmonic FM has determined that frequencies and/or vibrations are not the rudimentary cause of brain and body communication. Harmonic FM research has shown that frequencies and vibrations are an energy force that can be measured, and when absorbed by the body, appear to create certain effects. We have found that when the frequencies and vibrations are removed from the body, there remains, what we refer to as, intrinsic energies which operate as the body’s natural communication force. These “intrinsic energies” are not measurable in the same manner as frequencies and vibrations are measurable, and because of this, we use the body’s natural forces to antidotally determine the existence of these forces. For these reasons, we consider it factually incorrect to describe the results of our technology to be driven by frequencies or vibrations.